115°E/115°W  east meets west

Cards and texts between east and west



Native American Indian texts – and photos taken in Asia: are they compatible?

For me, there are many connections between these two locations. One of them is longitude. Bali is on 115° E. The Hopi-Reservation in Arizona on 115°W – well, near enough. Both of them have an old culture which is not dualistic but holistic. Their way of thinking follows the principle not so much “either – or” but rather “not only – but also”; it is not linear but cyclical.

These texts come from the writings of Rudolf Kaiser, who spent a long and intensive part of his life studying the life, the philosophy and the religions of North-American Indians. He has published his findings and his thoughts in a number of books. Some of these were published jointly by us both.

The photos here were taken during my journeys – which these days take me mainly into Asia.


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