On the hunt

Working with the camera I am also searching for experiences of human relationships. I concentrate completely on the people whose picture I am taking, on their mood and emotions. I am interested in two things: my relationship to the people being photographed – and the relationship between these people.

This enthusiasm motivated me also in my earlier professional stages: in a journalistic project and an art project with prisoners; as a trainer in the Aids education campaign; in my year-long work for a PR agency; in my work with young people; and even during my frequent private trips to distant countries.

When engaged in photography I can make use of all these experiences to establish that extra relationship with the people at the other side of the lens, which is necessary in order to get that special Something into my photos. Thus I frequently manage to reach the inner being of a person in a special way: i.e. through respect and appreciation. Many of my customers put it this way: “My” photos are the ones where they feel that their ‘inner being’ is not missed and where they can also get to like themselves.


I also make use of this my passion for photography in portraits, in event-photography and in reporting.

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