How children acquire strength

I ask children what they think of when they are feeling really happy. They then talk about their thoughts, their pictures and very special situations. The children sense contentment, strength and security, energy or happiness in these situations. Just as varied as the children, is the variety of their stories and feelings.

In these encouraging situations the children have a really special inner behaviour which you can see in their eyes and in their gestures and mannerisms. It is at such moments that I take my photographs.

I combine the photos with the little stories which they tell me. In this way the combination of word and picture occur which have a particular charm for me.

Perhaps you too will be entranced by looking at them, and your own resources of contentment, strength, security, energy and happiness might be brought to life.


Psychological support

The project is professionally accompanied by the qualified psychologist Ottmar Braunwarth. In the process, we are examining the introduction of pictorial worlds as stimuli of the individual’s resources, in both adults and children.


The practical application of the project

I am looking for further opportunities of producing pictures and moments with children. So if your children are of nursery or primary school age and you would like to join in working on the project, I would be pleased to hear from you. All participants thoroughly enjoy the photo sessions and you will receive exceptional pictures of your child.

This project will accompany me on my travels. I am eager to experience cultural differences and common features.

I could also imagine that this way of working with internal images of strength flows into the projects with focus on the strengthening of children and young people. For mental strength is certainly a really important key to leading a healthy, self-determined and contented life.


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